How to Get Spotify Premium Free Trial without Credit Card? 3 Best Methods

Spotify Premium Free Trial without Credit Card: Spotify is one of the world’s leading music streaming service applications. In it, you can find music related to your musical taste, play your favorite singer’s songs and enjoy some unique features with the best quality and without any hassle. Many of these great features have led to increased subscriptions to Spotify. If you want to try the Spotify Premium service before you subscribe, you can get the Spotify free trial.


You may want to try the premium, but you will need a credit card to allow Spotify to verify that you can pay them the first monthly subscription once your subscription expires. If you are looking for a Spotify Free trial, but do not have anything, then read this post to get the details on how to get Spotify premium free trial without a credit card.

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How To Get Spotify Premium Free Trial Without Credit Card?


If you have already created a free account on Spotify, you can follow the steps below on your Spotify free account to get Spotify premium free trial without a credit card. With this, you can get Spotify premium for seven days to 3 months, depending on how many months they want to offer you free service.

  • Open the Spotify app on your mobile device and log in to it using your username and password. You will need to enter a username and password that you have not yet used to access premium features.
  • Once you have logged in to it, you will see the settings icon on the home page of Spotify and click on it.
  • Scroll down the page to locate the Account option and click on that option.
  • Now, a button will appear saying, “Try the premium for free.” You need to click on it to get Spotify free trial without a credit card.


If you do not get that option, it means that you have already taken seven days or another free premium trial, and you can use a credit card to get another free trial. You may think about whether it is Possible to Get a Fake Credit Card or whether You Should Try For It. The answer is absolute no.

This is not recommended because you may often be scammed, or your data may be hacked or stolen. Moreover, malware can be installed on your computer or mobile phone, leading to the hacker providing all the data. So, to get Spotify premium, you should not try to create any fake credit card, and there is no other option but to have your credit card or debit card. Using this Spotify premium free trial only confirms your country and the plans you have to get will not charge anything they do. 

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Get Spotify Premium Free Trial Without Credit Card – (Debit card):


This method applies if you have a debit card. You need to open a bank account with a minimum balance and then get a debit card from the bank. You can use that debit card to activate Spotify’s premium free trial. To make sure the money is not deducted once the subscription expires, you need to ensure your bank account balance is less than Spotify’s monthly subscription fee.

Spotify Debit card option
Spotify Debit card option

With this method, you will be safe from unnecessary charges. You will not automatically charge for the premium subscription unless you want to pay with Spotify. But when your free trial date expires and your account becomes a free account again. You now need to ask for ads to get 30 minutes of free audio streaming.

Get Spotify Premium Free Trial Without Credit Card – (Virtual credit card):


Many companies allow you to create a free virtual credit card. You can use these credit cards on websites like NetFlix, Spotify, Prime without any worries. But, to create a virtual credit card account, you will need to have a bank account with some of the central banks. And then these virtual credit card companies will link your account to the Virtual Credit Card Number for you to use.

Spotify virtual card
Spotify virtual card

You can use this card on Spotify to get Spotify premium free trial without a credit card. Spotify, but you can also use this virtual credit card on any website.




I hope now you can get Spotify premium free trial without credit card. By following the above methods, you can enjoy all the premium features of Spotify without paying a single rupee.

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