How To Photoshop Spotify Wrapped 2023? Best Way to Redesign

How To Photoshop Spotify Wrapped: Adobe Photoshop is a widely used program for crafting digital images. Recently, some users have been using it to create fake “wrapped” versions of the Spotify app. The fake wrappers make it look like the Spotify app has been redesigned with a new, more colorful interface. However, these wrappers are simply screenshots that have been edited in Photoshop. Spotify has not announced any plans to redesign the app, and these fake wrappers are simply hoaxes. So if you see one online, don’t be fooled – it’s just a fake! In this tutorial, we will be learning how to photoshop Spotify wrapped album cover. 

How To Photoshop Spotify Wrapped?

To Photoshop Spotify Wrapped, you have to follow the below steps,

  • Open up the image you want to edit in Photoshop. 
  • Select the “Rectangular Marquee Tool” from the toolbar on the left-hand side of the screen. 
  • Draw a rectangle around the area of the album cover that you want to change. 
  • Select the “Type Tool” from the toolbar and type in “Spotify”. 
How to photoshop spotify wrapped
How to photoshop spotify wrapped
  • Change the font color to black and resize the text to cover the entire rectangle. 
  • Save your image as a JPEG file and upload it to Spotify. 


How do you make a wrapped video on Spotify?

Spotify offers a unique way to share your music with the world. You can create wrapped videos that are easy to share on social media. Here’s how: 

  • Open Spotify and select the song you want to use for your video. 
  • Click the three dots in the top right corner of the player and select “Create a video.” 
Spotify wrapped photoshop
Spotify wrapped photoshop
  • Choose a theme for your video and add text. 
  • Click “Create” and share your video on social media!

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Can you make your own Spotify Wrapped?

Yes, you can create your own Spotify Wrapped for the year 2022. This report will show you your most-played artists, songs, and year’s genres. It will also provide insights into how much time you spent listening to music and which days were your busiest listening days. To create your own Spotify Wrapped, follow these simple steps: 

  • Navigate to and sign in with your Spotify account. 
  • Click the “Create Your 2022 Wrap” button. 
  • Select the year you want to view (2022), then click “Create Report.
Create own spotify wrapped
Create your own Spotify wrapped
  • The report will show your top artists, songs, and genres for the year. 
  • It will also list how much time you spent listening to music and which days were your busiest listening days.


In conclusion, by following the steps above, you should be able to know How to Photoshop Spotify Wrapped that looks great and accurately represents your listening habits from the past year. Adobe Photoshop is a powerful image editing software that can be used to create custom Spotify Wrapped designs. It offers a wide range of features and tools that can be used to customize your design. If you have any more queries regarding Photoshop Spotify Wrapped, please ask us.


Q1: Can I use this technique to create covers for other streaming services? 

Ans: Yes, you can use this technique to create covers for any streaming service with a wraparound design.

Q2: Spotify Wrapped only for premium?

Ans: Spotify Wrapped is a feature that allows users to see their listening data for the year. It was released on December 6th, and many people excited. However, some users have wondered if the feature is only available to premium members. I reached out to Spotify for clarification, and they told me that Wrapped is available to both free and premium members. You need to go to to see your data.

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