How To Fix Spotify Wrapped Not Working 2023? 4 Best Methods

How To Fix Spotify Wrapped Not Working: Spotify Wrapped is a popular feature that allows users to see their year-in-review statistics. However, some users have reported that the part is not working for them. If you have this issue, don’t worry – we have a fix! As the year comes to a close, Spotify has released its annual Wrapped report. The report provides insights into users’ listening habits over the past year, including their most-played artists and songs. Spotify also revealed some fun facts about its users. For example, the most-streamed artist of 2018 was Drake, while the most streamed song was “God’s Plan” by Drake.

About Spotify Wrapped
About Spotify Wrapped

In addition, the report showed that users spent a total of 6.3 billion hours streaming music in 2018. Overall, the Wrapped report provides a snapshot of how people listen to music over the past year. It’s an excellent way for Spotify to show its users just how much they’ve heard about the service and highlight some of the biggest trends in music.

Methods to Fix Spotify Wrapped not working:

In this article, we will outline some methods that you can try to fix spotify wrapped not working problem. First, make sure that you are using the latest version of Spotify. If you are not, update your app and try again. Spotify does not work, try deleting the app and reinstalling it. If you still have problems, go to the Spotify Wrapped website and create a new account. Then try logging in with your old account. If none of these methods work, please contact Spotify support for assistance. There are five methods available to fix Spotify Wrapped not working issue. They are,

  1. Restart the device
  2. Update the Spotify app
  3. Search for Spotify Wrapped in the app
  4. Remove Cache of Spotify Wrapped

Restart the device: 

This is the essential step you can take to try and fix any issue with Spotify Wrapped not working. Simply restarting your device can often clear up any errors or problems that you may be experiencing. This can be done in a few simple steps: 

  • Hold down the power button until you see the “Power off” option. 
  • Tap “Power off.” 
  • Wait for your phone to turn off. 
  • Hold down the power button again until you see the “Restart” option. 
Restart the phone to fix spotify wrapped not working
Restart the phone to fix spotify wrapped not working
  • Tap “Restart.” 
  • Wait for your phone to restart.
  • Now, Launch the Spotify app and check whether Spotify Wrapped is working.
  • Still, you can’t fix spotify wrapped not working issue, then move to the second step.

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Update the Spotify app: 

Spotify is a music streaming service that allows you to listen to your favorite songs and artists. The app has been updated with new features and bug fixes. Here are the steps to correct the Spotify app: 

  • Open the App Store on your device. 
  • Tap Updates in the bottom navigation bar. 
Update the Spotify app
Update the Spotify app
  • If an update for Spotify is available, tap the Update button next to the app. 
  • After the update has been downloaded, tap Open to launch Spotify.
  • Check for Spotify Wrapped on the Spotify app and enjoy the feature.

Search for Spotify Wrapped in the app:

Spotify Wrapped is an annual feature on the music streaming service that celebrates your listening habits over the past year. It’s a fun way to look back at your favorite songs and artists and see how your taste has changed. Now, you can access your Wrapped data directly from the Spotify app. Open the Spotify app and go to Menu > Your Wrapped to view your Wrapped information.

Search Spotify Wrapped
Search Spotify Wrapped

You’ll see a summary of your listening habits, including your top artists and songs, over the past year. You can also explore detailed data about your listening habits by genre, mood, and time of day. Spotify Wrapped is a great way to reflect on your music tastes over the past year. Be sure to check out your Wrapped data on the Spotify app.

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Remove Cache of Spotify:

If you’re running low on storage space or just want to clear out some cache files if Spotify wrapped is not working. To Fix Spotify Wrapped not working issue, delete the cache of Spotify. Here’s how to do,

  • First, open Spotify and go to Settings. 
  • Scroll down and select Clear Cache. 
  • A confirmation message will appear asking if you’re sure you want to clear the cache. 
Clear cache on Spotify app
Clear cache on Spotify app
  • Select Yes, and the store will be removed. 
  • That’s it! You’ve now earned the cache of Spotify from your device.


If you are experiencing issues with fix Spotify Wrapped not working, we recommend following the steps outlined in this article to try and resolve the issue. I hope the above methods are beneficial for you to fix Spotify Wrapped not working problem. If you are still having trouble after following these steps, please contact us for further assistance.


Q1: Why my Spotify Wrapped not working? 

Ans: There are several reasons why this may be the case. Please follow the steps in this article to try and fix the issue. 

Q2: I’ve followed the steps, but my Spotify Wrapped isn’t working. What do I do? 

Ans: If you have followed all of the steps and your Spotify Wrapped is still not working, please submit a support ticket to our team.

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