When Does Spotify Wrapped Stop Tracking 2023? Best Way

When Does Spotify Wrapped Stop Tracking: Spotify wrapped is a great way to keep track of your listening habits throughout the year, but when does Spotify Wrapped Stop Tracking? According to Spotify, “Wrap Up will continue tracking your listening habits until December 31st.” So if you want to get the most out of Wrap Up, make sure to listen to as much music as possible in the next few weeks! According to Spotify, the average user streamed 1,697 minutes of music per day in 2022.

When does Spotify wrapped stop tracking 2022
When does Spotify wrapped stop tracking 2022

In addition, the most-streamed artist of the year was Drake, with 8.2 billion streams. The “Spotify Wrapped” feature also includes data on the year’s most-streamed songs. The top song was “God’s Plan” by Drake, with 1.4 billion streams. Other famous artists include Ed Sheeran, Post Malone, and Ariana Grande. The “Wrapped” feature provides a fun way for users to see how their listening habits have changed over the year. It’s also a great way to discover new music. This guide will show you When Does Spotify Wrapped Stop Tracking and How to Stop Spotify wrapped tracking your activity. 


When Does Spotify Wrapped Stop Tracking?

Do you want to know When Does Spotify Wrapped Stop Tracking? Every year, Spotify releases a Wrapped report that details your listening habits over the past twelve months. While it can be fun to look back on all of the music you’ve consumed, some users may not want their activity tracked and shared in this way. If you would like to stop Spotify tracking your listening habits, here’s how: 

  • Open the Settings menu on your Spotify app. 
  • Scroll down and select “Privacy”. 
Spotify wrapped Sop Tracking
Spotify wrapped Sop Tracking
  • Toggle the switch next to “Share my listening activity” to the off position.
  • Press “Done”, and your data will no longer be shared.

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How Accurate is Spotify Wrapped Tracking?

Spotify wrapped tracking is a feature that allows users to see how their listening habits are affecting their data. It estimates the number of songs played, time spent listening, and data usage. However, the accuracy of this feature has been questioned by some users. One user reported that the number of songs played was significantly lower than what they had listened to, and another user said that the time spent listening was overestimated. While these reports raise some concerns about the accuracy of Spotify wrapped tracking, it is still a valuable tool for users who want to be mindful of how their data usage affects them.


You will no longer have your listening habits tracked by Spotify by disabling this setting. However, keep in mind that you will not be able to see your Wrapped report or any other personalized content. Spotify wrapped is a great way to keep track of your music listening habits, but it’s important to remember to disable sharing if you don’t want your data tracked. I hope the article When Does Spotify Wrapped Stop Tracking is really useful for you. If you have any more queries, don’t hesitate to ask.


Q1: How to do Spotify Wrapped Stop Tracking?

Ans: To disable Spotify Wrapped, open the Spotify app and go to Settings. Tap on “Account” and then “Privacy.” Under “Spotify Wrapped,” toggle the “Share my Wrapped data” setting off. Press “Done”, and your data will no longer be shared. 

Q2: What happens if I don’t disable Spotify Wrapped?

Ans: If you do not disable Spotify Wrapped, your data will be shared with Spotify.

Q3: What information is included in my Spotify Wrapped report? 

Ans: Your report will include a total number of minutes streamed, most-played artists and songs, and artist insights. 

Q4: Can I share my Spotify Wrapped report with others? 

Ans: Yes! You can share your report by clicking the Share button at the top of the page. You can post it on social media or send it as a link. 

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