Spotify Keeps Stopping on My iPhone Here’s How to Fix It

Are we tired of Spotify randomly stopping mid-jam? No need to fret! We’ve got you. This article will help you troubleshoot and solve Spotify issues on iOS devices quickly and easily. Read on to discover the tips and tricks to get back to music streaming instantly, sans worries!

Why does Spotify keep stopping on my iPhone?

Spotify may randomly stop on your iPhone – so annoying when you want to listen to music! Don’t worry – there are a few easy fixes.

  • Storage space could be the issue – look for any large video or audio files and delete them.
  • Uninstall any older versions of the app too.
  • It could be a slow or unstable connection speed.
  • Check if your internet is fast enough to stream music without interruption. Disconnect any other devices using the same network.

Finally, make sure your app is up to date. Outdated apps can crash or have bugs that make Spotify stop playing during a song.

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How can I fix Spotify if it keeps stopping on my iPhone?

Are you having problems with Spotify-stopping music on your iPhone? You’re not alone! Try these troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.

  1. First, make sure your iOS is up to date. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and install available updates.
  2. Second, check wifi or cellular data connection strength.
  3. Get a solid signal to use streaming services like Spotify.
  4. Third, if nothing works, restart your iPhone. For iPhone 8 or later, press and hold the Volume button + Side button. Drag the slider and wait 30 seconds.
  5. Press and hold the Volume buttons until Apple Logo appears.
  6. Press and hold the power button for older iPhones until the red slider appears.
  7. Drag the slider and press and hold to see the logo.
  8. If none helps, uninstall and reinstall from outside sources or contact Spotify Support Help Center.

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What are some common causes of Spotify stopping on my iPhone?

Spotify can quit working for many reasons. One common cause is if the app needs to be updated. A too-old version of Spotify can cause problems like an abrupt stoppage in playback or audio stutterin’.

Other causes:

  • Settings: check your device settings to turn on background playback & cellular data.
  • Storage: make sure your device has enough storage – this might be why playback’s problematic.
  • Network: some networks can stop Spotify occasionally – a stable internet connection with plenty of speed and no firewall restrictions are best.
  • iOS: make sure your iPhone’s up-to-date with the latest iOS release – older versions can disrupt Spotify’s performance.

Spotify Pauses Music Frequently on iPhone 11 Pro:

Frequent Spotify pauses can be a nuisance when listening to music and podcasts on your iPhone 11 Pro. But fixing the issue may be easier than you think! Consider the following tips to troubleshoot:

  • Try restarting the Spotify app. Double-tap the Home button, swipe up to close it, and then open it again from the Home screen.
  • Ensure your phone has enough battery and a good Wi-Fi connection. A weak battery or poor internet connection can cause frequent pauses.
  • If there are updates for the app, install them immediately. It might help to fix bugs that cause streaming difficulties.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app from the App Store. This will ensure all files are correctly configured.
  • Check if third-party apps (e.g. cache cleaning or parental control) interfere with Spotify’s server access. This could cause pauses.
  • If nothing works, contact Apple Support for more specific assistance.

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How can I prevent Spotify from stopping on my iPhone:

Spotify may pause music on your iPhone for various reasons. To stop this from occurring, you can do some actions to make it stay stable and work uninterruptedly.

  1. First off, ensure your device has the newest iOS version. This is because streaming services like Spotify on older versions can be unstable. Go to the Settings app and click General > Software Update to check updates. It will automatically install any updates that you need.
  2. Second, make sure your wifi connection is powerful and dependable. A weak signal or fluctuating connection can cause Spotify to pause suddenly. To inspect the strength of your wifi, go to Settings and select wifi> Android/iOS wifi settings. Then, pick the network you’re connected to, and observe its signal strength. If it’s too low, try to come closer or switch networks.

Finally, make sure there’s enough storage space on your iPhone. More storage may also lead to issues with streaming services like Spotify. To check this, open the Settings app, tap General > Storage & iCloud Usage, and then select Manage Storage under iCloud Usage Details. It will list all apps installed on your device and their sizes. If one app takes up a lot of space, you can delete some files or uninstall unused apps to have more room for Spotify’s cache files. This help keeps playback consistent.


Tackle your iPhone issues that are stopping Spotify with these steps! Could you get rid of the app and reinstall it? Then, look at device settings, like your wifi router or data plan. Reset Spotify settings and reboot the device. If the issue lingers, get help from customer support.


What could be causing Spotify to stop playing on my iPhone?

  • There could be several reasons why Spotify keeps stopping on your iPhone. Common reasons include low internet connection, incorrect settings, and outdated iOS software.

How can I fix Spotify if it keeps stopping on my iPhone?

  • To fix Spotify if it keeps stopping on your iPhone, you can try resetting your network settings, reinstalling the app, and updating your iOS software.

Is there a way to prevent Spotify from stopping on my iPhone?

  • There are several ways to prevent Spotify from stopping on your iPhone. Use a solid and stable internet connection, adjust your settings, and update your iOS software.

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