Spotify Group Session Not Working? Here’s the Fix!

Are you struggling to connect with mates in Spotify Group Session? No worries! This guide will help you out. Let us show you how to get it up and running so you can start streaming the newest tunes together. You deserve to have fun.

What is Spotify Group Session:

Spotify Group Session – a feature for friends to collaborate! Share music tastes and preferences. Create a group session and jam together a maximum of five people in any Spotify user location.

Control volume and make selections – all through one interface. Get everyone in sync and create great shared music experiences!

Group Session on Spotify is a great way to share Music with your friends or family. One person can take control, and everyone can add their favorite songs and albums. Up to 5 people can join by linking their accounts and sharing Music. Read on for info about troubleshooting Group Sessions and how to get started quickly!

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How does Spotify Group Session work:

Spotify Group Session is a cool feature! It allows up to five people to listen to the same playlist simultaneously.

How does Spotify Group Session work
How does Spotify Group Session work
  • To join the session, you need either Premium or Premium for Family.
  • With these plans, it’s easy to create your session.
  • You need an open Spotify app on your device and all users in the same WiFi network or area.
  • iOS and MacOS/Windows users can invite friends via SMS or email.
  • Any changes YOU make will be synced across all devices.
  • This includes songs, playback orders, artists, albums, etc. All group members will be able to see each other’s accounts.
  • When you’re done listening, click ‘End Session.’

Only some people can access the info after that. Enjoy!

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Why is my Spotify Group Session not working?

Are your Spotify Group Sessions not working? It could be your internet connection, device settings, or account settings. Here are a few steps to take:

  • Check internet connection strength and reliability. Try a different network or get a better WiFi signal booster.
  • Make sure device settings are configured correctly. Authorize device on Spotify account. Ensure the firewall isn’t blocking access to Spotify’s servers.
  • Check the settings on your account. Enable group listening in privacy settings. Make sure no restrictions prevent members of another household from joining.
  • Investigate parental control options. See if age verification requirements must be met before involving third parties outside their household. If these steps don’t work, contact Spotify Support for help.

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Spotify group session link is not working-How To fix:

Do you need help with your Spotify group session link? Check if everyone involved has the latest version of the app. They must also have an active Premium subscription or trial to join.

  • Ask them to open the app and check their About tab.
  • Older versions might need to be supported.
  • Android users: Get the latest version from Google Play Store, and update.
  • iOS users: Check the App Store, and ensure the app is up-to-date. Updates can take a few days or weeks before they are available worldwide.
  • Are you still having issues? Contact customer support with details on your issue. They can help with any further group session issues.

A spotify group session is not working on iPhone/android.

Do you need help connecting to your friends’ Spotify group session on iPhone or Android? You can fix it quickly! Here’s how:


  1. Ensure all devices are on the same WiFi network and that each has an up-to-date Spotify version.
  2. Ask everyone to turn Bluetooth off and then back on.
  3. Select friends from the contacts list or invite them via sharing code in the Spotify app. This should let both iOS devices see each other and connect.
  4. Make sure everyone is playing Music from Spotify for others to listen along!


  1. Check that each device has the latest Spotify version and is connected to the same WiFi network as the others.
  2. Follow steps 2 – 4 for iOS users.
  3. Ensure each user’s location permissions are enabled for Spotify so Android and iOS devices can be effectively synchronized!

How to Fix Spotify Group Session No Sound:

Do you need help with the sound coming out for Spotify Group Session? You’re not alone! Here are a few tips to help get things going again.

  • Firstly, ensure the host device and any other joined devices have the latest version of Spotify installed. Plus, ensure they are connected to the same WiFi network. Different networks or frequency bands on the same network won’t work.
  • Secondly, try key locking your phone. If one device has its silence switch activated or the volume is turned down, it blocks audio. Key locking lets everyone play Music while muted.
  • Thirdly, use an audio device compatible with Group Session. Many standard headsets only support multiple listeners if they have split functionality.
  • If multiple users need one set of headphones (or any other source), get an aux splitter to adjust sound levels between each listener.
  • Fourthly, double-check sound settings in Spotify’s app settings. Re-enable audio toggle options for Group Session (if applicable), then reboot.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get Music Together in a group setting using Spotify Group Session. Enjoy!

Troubleshooting Spotify Group Session:

Need help with your Group Session? Don’t worry – it happens! Here are some steps to get it running again:

  • Check you have the Premium version of Spotify. It won’t work with older versions.
  • Everyone must be on the same WiFi connection. Issues can arise if some are on mobile data or have a different connection.
  • No one should be in “Offline mode.” This limits what songs can be played as it needs an internet connection.
  • Make sure everyone has the updated Spotify app. Depending on the features, older versions may not join in or add Music correctly.
  • Ask your friends to check their privacy settings. They might not have allowed access to the Group Session.
  • If none of this helps, please get in touch with our Customer Support team. They’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot any further issues.


To fix a Spotify Group Session issue, try updating the app, check your internet connection, restart the app, and try again. If the issue persists, contact Spotify support.


What is Spotify Group Session?

  • Spotify Group Session is a feature that allows up to five people to listen to the same songs together. Everyone can control the Music, add songs to the queue, and listen together in real-time.

Why is my Spotify Group Session not working?

  • Spotify Group Session may not be working if you are using an outdated version of the app, have a weak internet connection, or have a problem with the Spotify servers.

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