How to Stop Spotify From Opening Safari Very Easy

Annoyed because Spotify keeps launching Safari every time you try to play music? You’re not alone! Fortunately, there’s an easy fix. This article explains how to stop Spotify from starting Safari. Let’s get going! No more hassle. Just enjoy your favorite tunes!

Why Spotify Keeps Opening Safari:

Do you need help with Spotify opening in Safari? A macOS bug may be the cause. It may be the issue if it’s the default browser for links, such as emails.

No worries! It’s easy to fix. Here’s how:

  • Go to System Preferences from the Apple menu icon.
Spotify Keeps Opening Safari
                                                             Spotify Keeps Opening Safari
  • Select Default Web Browser in Internet Accounts.
  • Choose Safari from the list of apps.
  • Restart Safari and open Spotify.

Still, needs to open Spotify? Contact Apple Support or reach out to Spotify’s customer support team. Info at:

How to Stop Spotify From Opening Safari:

Spotify and Safari can be an annoying mix. Fortunately, the fix is easy. Adjust your settings in Safari and Spotify, and Spotify will no longer launch automatically. Here’s how:

  1. Close all your open Safari tabs.
  2. Go to the main menu bar and select “Preferences” or “Settings.”
  3. Scroll down and set “Open New Windows With” to “Empty Page.”
  4. Add Spotify’s web address to the list of websites under “Never Open With” or “Do Not Automatically Open Any Pages That Are Set To.”
  5. In “Advanced,” uncheck “Enable JavaScript from Apple Events” and “Enable Apple Music Links.”

Restart your computer, and you should be free of automatic Spotify launches.

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How to Change Your Default Browser:

Does Spotify keep opening Safari? Your computer might be set to open links in Safari by default.

  • To fix this, you need to change the settings in your OS.
  • Look in the “Preferences” or “Settings” app.
  • Launch the app and click on the browser settings.
  • Make sure the default browser is the one you want to use with Spotify.
  • It could be Chrome or Firefox. Then, save and close the windows.
  • Relaunch Spotify and try again – links should now open in Chrome or Firefox.

Want incoming links from mail apps to open in a specific browser? Follow similar steps for those apps, too. Now, you won’t have any issues with Spotify opening Safari!

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What to Do If Safari Keeps Crashing:

If Spotify keeps redirecting to Safari, it could be a faulty plugin or system settings issue. Try these steps to fix it:

  • Make sure your Mac software and app versions are up-to-date.
  • This can help with compatibility with other apps and services.
  • Check if an extension or plugin is messing with Spotify.
  • Uninstall any Safari-related extensions or plugins.
  • Reset link associations in System Preferences for Mac OS.
  • Under System Preferences > General > Default Web Browser, select Safari.
  • Then reopen Spotify – this should establish the connection between the two apps.
  • Reinstall Safari and open a new instance before returning to Spotify.
  • This helps create a “clean slate” environment. Failing to do this could cause issues.

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How to Update Safari:

Having trouble with links in Spotify launching Safari? Keep up with the times, and ensure you have the latest version of Safari installed! Outdated browsers can cause errors like this. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open App Store and search for ‘Safari.
  2. Select ‘update’ or ‘get‘ next to the latest version.
  3. Restart your browser by closing it or selecting ‘Relaunch’ on the install page after downloading and installing.
  4. Launch Spotify again – web links should open in the updated Safari!
  5. If not, try closing any other open applications preventing features from loading properly.


To wrap up, your Spotify issue is likely caused by an old cache or browser history in Safari. To fix this, reset your Safari cache, history, and cookies and disable any extensions running in the background. The steps are above.

Additionally, make sure your system and apps (including Spotify) are up-to-date. Go to System Preferences > App Store and check for updates. Doing this should help you listen uninterruptedly again!


How do I stop Spotify from opening Safari?

  • To stop Spotify from opening Safari, go to the Spotify app settings and disable the “Open in Web” option. This will stop Spotify from opening Safari every time you play a song.

How do I reset my Safari settings?

  • To reset your Safari settings, open the Safari browser and go to the Safari menu. Select “Reset Safari” and then follow the on-screen instructions to reset your Safari settings.

How do I turn off the “Open in Web” option on Spotify?

  • To turn off the “Open in Web” option in Spotify, open the Spotify app and go to the settings menu. From there, disable the “Open in Web” option, which should stop Spotify from opening Safari every time you play a song.

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