How Much Spotify Discounts For Teachers 2023 New Offer

Teachers, are you searching for ways to save money on Spotify? Look no further! This blog will tell you all about the discounts available to you. From current Spotify users to new customers, this guide has it all. Take advantage of these exclusive offers! Get your favorite music at a price you can afford.

About Spotify Discounts For Teachers:

Spotify proudly offers exclusive discounts and incentives for teachers, both online and traditionally. There’s a 50% discount available for up to 4 accounts per teacher across the Spotify Premium Individual, Family, Duo, and Student plans.

  • To qualify, you must be an accredited school teacher in the US or UK, an active homeschooler in the US, or a university/college lecturer in South Africa. Verify your employment via SheerID, and you’ll get a personalized link to set up your discounted account.
  • Choose your streaming plan: Premium Individual ($9.99/month), Family ($14.99/month), Duo ($12.99/month), or Student ($4.99/month). Enjoy 70 million tracks, no ads, unlimited skips, offline listening, and personalized playlists powered by expert algorithms. Plus, no data over-limits on mobile networks!
  • The discount is valid until June 2023 – and may be extended depending on conditions. To keep it active, use your SheerID URL each time you’re billed, and stay enrolled as a teacher.

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How Much Spotify Discounts For Teachers:

Spotify knows how vital teachers are in students’ lives and growth, so they give them discounts.

  • With the discounted subscription, teachers can get 50% off Spotify Premium when they shop through the Spotify for Education Store with a valid .edu or .k12 email address.
  • They’ll pay half the regular fee and have access to over 50 million songs, albums, and podcasts with improved sound quality, ad-free listening, and unlimited skips on mobile devices.

Spotify allows teachers to choose what music is played in their classrooms.

  • On top of the discounts, Spotify also offers low-cost hardware bundles for school use.
  • These bundles come with headsets, mics, and Bluetooth speakers suitable for primary schools through universities.
  • Plus, they include a free one-year subscription to an appropriate plan size, which other streaming services don’t offer!

So if you are using media activities in the classroom, it’s essential to look into the streaming service rates for teachers and educators.

How To Get Spotify Discounts For Teachers:

Are you a teacher? Looking to save? Sign up for Spotify Premium! Teachers get 50% off the subscription fee in certain countries. With Premium, you’ll have unlimited songs and podcast access, no ads, and discounts on merch.

To join:

  1. Make sure Spotify supports your school or district for Education.
  2. Visit the page and click ‘Get Started.’
  3. Provide proof of teaching employment and select the ID verification method.

Approval is completed within 24-48 hours, and then you can enjoy 50% off with no ads!

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What are the benefits of Spotify for teachers:

Spotify offers several benefits for teachers who use the service, including:

Access to a vast music library:

  • With over 70 million songs available, Spotify provides an extensive library of music that can be used for classroom activities, background music during work time, or personal listening.

Customizable playlists:

  • Spotify allows teachers to create and customize playlists according to their needs and preferences. They can create playlists for specific subjects, moods, or events, making finding the right music for any occasion easy.

Ad-free listening:

  • Spotify Premium subscription, available to eligible teachers at a discounted rate, provides ad-free listening. This means that teachers can play music without interruptions, making creating a seamless listening experience easier.

Offline playback:

  • With Spotify Premium, users can download music to their devices for offline playback. This is particularly useful for teachers who may not have reliable internet access in their classrooms or who want to listen to music while on the go.

Integration with other apps:

  • Spotify can be integrated with other apps, including educational tools like Kahoot! and Flipgrid. This integration allows teachers to incorporate music into their lessons creatively and helps engage students in the learning process.

Overall, Spotify can provide teachers with a versatile tool for enhancing their classroom experience and adding an extra dimension to their teaching method

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How to use Spotify in the classroom:

Spotify can be a great way to engage students in the classroom. It has a massive music library from around the world. Plus, teachers get discounts on Spotify Premium. To use it, you need an educational account with verified teacher credentials. You’ll get access to Educator Playlists, Classroom Challenge, and discounted rates for Premium plans.

These features allow students to compete by building playlists, and teachers can get ad-free listening, higher sound quality, and offline listening. Teachers are finding creative ways to use Spotify in the classroom!

What are some of the best Spotify apps for teachers:

Teachers! Spotify offers you a 50% discount on their Premium plan. Plus, there are apps to make your job easier. Here are the best ones:

  • Classify: This free app helps you assign music playlists to classes and track what they listen to in real-time. It engages students and gives you insight into their performance.
  • Spotify Listeners: This app creates an exciting atmosphere in the classroom through music. Upload songs, curate custom playlists, and adjust music volume levels according to each Student.
  • Spotify Curriculum Selector: Looking for lesson ideas? This app creates interactive lesson plans tailored to age groups or topics. It will generate playlists featuring renowned artists.
  • MyClassicalTunes: If you already use classical music in classes, this app converts traditional music pieces into digital playlists with its three-level learning system. It also helps foster creativity by allowing you to integrate custom compositions.

How to use Spotify in the classroom to engage students:

Spotify is more than just a streaming music service – it’s an educational tool! It offers discounts to teachers, like 50% off Premium Student subscriptions. This allows teachers to save over $100 per year on Spotify alone.

Spotify can be used in the classroom in various ways. For example, they play music during class or add soundtracks to projects. It’s compatible with many devices and platforms, making it easy for students to use their own devices or work together on a shared screen. Teachers can create playlists for studying or provide background tracks for projects. With Spotify’s vast selection of songs, they can find something that fits any occasion or mood they want in the classroom.

To take advantage of the discount, teachers must have proof of status from an accredited institution where they are employed as full- or part-time faculty members. They can apply for the discounted subscription at/student/ discounts. Spotify is an excellent tool for teachers, and now it’s even more affordable!


To wrap up, Spotify offers discounts for teachers. The amount varies, with some teachers receiving up to 50% off the monthly payment. Many colleges and universities also give their teachers discounted access to streaming services. Teachers must show employment at an educational institution or a valid work ID card to be eligible for this discount.

Moreover, local music stores may discount Spotify memberships to students and teachers. Discounts can change, and specific requirements may be necessary for a reduced rate. So, it’s best to directly check with local schools, businesses, and Spotify for current deals and discounts.


Does Spotify offer discounts to teachers?

  • Yes, Spotify offers a 50% discount on its Premium for a Family plan to teachers in the United States.

How do I verify my teacher status for the Spotify discount?

  • You must be a verified teacher in the United States to receive the discount. To verify your status, you’ll need to provide a valid teacher identification number, which you can get from your school or district.

How much does Spotify Premium for Family cost for teachers?

  • After verifying your teacher status, you’ll be eligible for a 50% discount on Spotify Premium for Family, which would cost $9.99 per month.

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