Spotify Discount for EBT 2023: What You Need to Know?

Spotify Discount for EBT: Are you an EBT recipient wondering if Spotify offers a discount for you? Look no further! Spotify, one of the leading music streaming platforms, offers various subscription options for its listeners. In this article, we will thoroughly explore the Spotify Discount for EBT and provide all the necessary information.

Does Spotify Offer a Discount for EBT?

Firstly, it’s essential to clarify that Spotify does not provide a discount specifically for EBT cardholders. EBT cards are used in the US to deliver public assistance benefits such as food stamps or cash assistance. While some services offer discounts for individuals on public assistance, Spotify does not have such a program in place.

Spotify Discount for EBT Holders
Spotify Discount for EBT Holders

However, Spotify frequently updates its offers and promotional deals. If you want to know the current promotions, discounts, or partnerships, visiting Spotify’s official website or contacting their customer service would be best.

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Other Ways to Save on Spotify Premium:

Even if there isn’t an EBT-specific discount, Spotify has several promotional offers and bundles that can help reduce your monthly costs:

  • Student Discount: Spotify offers a discount where eligible university students can enjoy Spotify Premium, Hulu and SHOWTIME for a reduced rate. The combined package provides excellent value, especially for students looking to save.
  • Family Plan: Instead of buying premium accounts for every family member, consider Spotify’s family plan. It allows multiple family members in the same household to have separate Premium accounts at a fraction of the regular price.
  • Introductory Offers: From time to time, Spotify offers promotional deals for new subscribers, such as three months of Premium for free. It’s a good idea to check their official website or app for any current offers.
  • Partnership Deals: Occasionally, Spotify collaborates with other brands or services for bundle deals. For instance, some telecom service providers offer Spotify Premium as part of their package, often at a discounted rate or even free for a specific period.
  • Gift Card Deals: Some retailers offer Spotify gift cards at a discounted rate during holidays or special occasions. Watch for these deals, especially during Black Friday or Christmas sales.

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Tips for Maximizing Your Spotify Experience:

  • Free Version of Spotify: The free tier might have ads and limited skips, but it remains a fantastic portal to an expansive music universe.
  • Use a Spotify Gift Card: Available at major retailers, these gift cards can provide an instant discount on your subscription.
  • Opt for a Different Plan: If you’re an Individual plan user, consider the Family plan. It’s cost-effective, especially if shared among several users in your household.
  • Hit Pause: If Spotify isn’t your daily go-to, consider cancelling your subscription temporarily. You can always resume when your musical cravings return.

Explore Alternatives to Spotify:

  • Amazon Prime Music: Amazon Prime members enjoy complimentary access to Prime Music, boasting a vast library and offering ad-free and offline listening.
  • YouTube Music: Its free tier provides music with ads, but for $9.99/month, YouTube Premium offers an ad-free experience, offline access, and exclusive content.
  • Pandora: Tune into ad-supported radio stations for free, or upgrade to Pandora Plus at $4.99/month for an ad-free experience with unlimited skips and on-demand listening.
  • SoundCloud: With a free ad-supported tier and SoundCloud Go at $5.99/month, you get an ad-free experience with offline listening and access to unique content.


In conclusion, while Spotify does not currently offer a discount for EBT cardholders, keeping tabs on their offers is always a good idea. Companies frequently update their promotional deals, and you never know when a new discount might become available. Also, plenty of other ways to enjoy your favourite tunes without breaking the bank on Spotify exist.


1. Why doesn’t Spotify offer a discount for EBT recipients?

  • Like many other businesses, Spotify determines its pricing and discount policies based on various factors, including market conditions, operational costs, and business strategies. Currently, they have chosen not to offer an EBT discount.

2. Are there any alternative music streaming services that offer discounts for EBT recipients?

  • Some other music streaming services may offer discounts or free plans for EBT recipients. Exploring other options if you want a discount based on your EBT status is a good idea.

3. Does Spotify have any other discounts or promotions available?

  • Spotify periodically offers discounts and promotions for various groups, such as students, family plans, and more. You can visit the Spotify website or app for the latest offers.

4. Is there a chance that Spotify will offer an EBT discount in the future?

  • While there’s no guarantee, Spotify’s discount policies may change over time based on market conditions and business decisions. It’s always good to stay updated with their official announcements for potential changes.

5. Can I contact Spotify to request an EBT discount?

  • You can certainly reach out to Spotify’s customer support to express your interest in an EBT discount, but whether they choose to implement such a discount is ultimately their decision.

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