How To Add Multiple Songs To Spotify Playlist 2023

Do you need help adding multiple songs to your Spotify playlist? You’re not alone! Fortunately, there’s an easy way to add multiple songs in one go, and this guide will show you how. Read on to learn the simple steps for quickly customizing your playlists with your favorite music.

What is a Spotify playlist:

Spotify playlists are collections of songs that can be created, shared, and listened to by other users. Playlists help organize music according to certain moods, genres, or eras. They may contain a single track or hundreds of songs focused around one artist, many different artists, or even a current hit song.

Creating and sharing playlists is easy with Spotify; you can add multiple songs from various sources in seconds. To add multiple songs to your playlist, click “+ Add Tracks” from the top menu bar in your library view. You can then drag and drop from albums and artists stored on your computer or explore streaming sites like Soundcloud if desired for song sources. When finished adding songs, click “Save” at the bottom right corner of the window to save your playlist to Spotify. You also have several options for sharing via various social media networks so people will know where to find it.

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How to create a Spotify playlist:

Here is how to make a successful playlist:


  • Ensure that you are using the correct application (Spotify). You will need the desktop or mobile version of Spotify to add music.
  • Log in and select “Your Library” from the main menu. This will open up your personalized library page with your playlists, saved songs, and albums on display.
Add Multiple Songs To Spotify Playlist
Add Multiple Songs To Spotify Playlist
  • Click “Create Playlist” in the upper right corner; this will open up a new window where you can enter details about the list you’d like to create and save it as an independent list within your profile page.
How To Add Multiple Songs To Spotify Playlist
How To Add Multiple Songs To Spotify Playlist
  • Enter a name for your playlist, such as “Workout Jams” or “My Favorites,” choose whether or not it should be public, meaning visible to other users, and add a description if desired before saving the new playlist by clicking “Create.”
  • Once saved, add songs from other albums or lists by dragging them into the window on your screen labeled “New Playlist” this is where all of your chosen tracks will appear then click “Add Songs.” As you drag them into this space at the bottom of the screen, they will be added automatically; do this repeatedly until your desired number of songs has been added.
  • Once complete, re-save your new mixture of music by clicking “Done” or press escape (esc) on any space within this window; alternatively, use “Save Changes.” Your new list should now appear on your main library page, ready for playback.

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How to add multiple songs to a Spotify playlist  2023:

  1. Open the Spotify app and log in to your account if needed.
  2. Select Library, followed by Playlists, and choose the playlist to which you want to add songs.
  3. Tap on the ‘+’ icon at the top left corner of the screen and select ‘Add Music’ or ‘Create Playlist’ depending on the type of playlist you have selected and how many songs you want to add at once.
  4. Choose an option from your recently played list, artists, and albums or browse through all available music titles – whichever best suits your needs – then tap on ‘Add Songs To Playlist’ for them to be added to the chosen list.
  5. Repeat the above for all desired playlists, and add as many songs as required. Once complete, hit save at the top of your screen so that all songs are seamlessly added!

Spotify adds multiple songs to the playlist  on Desktop/iPhone/ iPad:

Adding multiple songs to a Spotify playlist is an easy task that can be achieved using the Spotify desktop or mobile app. It can be done by following the steps outlined below.

For Desktop:

  1. Log into Spotify on your computer.
  2. Select the ‘Your Music’ tab in the sidebar and then select ‘Playlists’ from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select your desired playlist or create a new one.
  4. Click on the ‘Add to Playlist’ option at the top of the page and select ‘Add Multiple Songs’ from the dropdown menu.
  5. Search for tracks you’d like to add and click each track to add it to your playlist.
  6. When finished, click ‘Copy Link’ or ‘Share’ if you want to share it with other users.

For iPhone & iPad:

  1. Log into your account and tap on Your Library at the bottom of your screen
  2. Tap on Playlists, then find or select the playlist you would like to edit
  3. Tap on the ‘Edit’ button at the top of the page, followed by ‘Add Songs.’
  4. Begin typing in the track name in the search field, then select it from the list of results when it appears
  5. Repeat for all tracks you wish to add, then press ‘Done’ when finished
  6. Your newly added songs will now appear in order within the specified list

Spotify adds multiple songs to the playlist android:

If you have an Android device with the Spotify app, adding multiple songs to a playlist is simple. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the Spotify application on your Android device.
  2. Navigate to and open your preferred playlists.
  3. Select the ‘Add Music’ option and then tick all the songs you want to add.
  4. Once all of your songs are ticked, select ‘Save.’ The selected songs should now be added to your playlist!

It’s important to note that some older mobile devices may not allow multiple selections when adding music [in-app]. In this case, you can duplicate a playlist, rename the copy, and add music separately within each playlist instead.

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Renaming your Spotify playlist:

Spotify allows you to create custom playlists and share them with your friends. You’ll want to give it an appropriate name to make your playlist stand out. Changing the name of your Spotify playlist is easy and only takes a few steps.

  1. Open Spotify on your device by clicking on the app icon to open in full-screen mode.
  2. Find the playlist you’d like to rename, right-click (or tap and hold) on that playlist icon, and select “Rename” from the dropdown menu.
  3. A small window should appear with a text box where you can type in the new name of your Spotify playlist.
  4. Once you’ve chosen a new name, click “Save” or “Done” to apply the changes.
  5. Your newly named Spotify Playlist will now appear in your Library just as it did before, with its new personalized title.

Deleting songs from your Spotify playlist:

If you want to delete songs from your Spotify playlist, you can do so with just a few simple steps:

  1. First, select the playlist and locate the desired song. You can do this by scrolling through the tracks list or searching for the song’s name.
  2. Once located, find the “more” button (a vertical ellipses icon) at the far right of the desired song and click it.
  3. Select ‘Delete’ from the dropdown menu and confirm that you want to delete that song.
  4. After choosing ‘Delete,’ a confirmation message should appear indicating that it was successfully removed.


In conclusion, creating a playlist of your favorite songs and artists on Spotify can significantly increase your enjoyment of the music streaming platform. You can use the playlist feature to quickly find new music or listen to the same songs repeatedly. Creating multiple playlists can help you organize an extensive music library and make it easier to select what you want to listen to regardless of where you are. With Spotify’s easy-to-use dashboard, making influential playlists is easier than ever before

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