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How To Export Spotify Playlist : Spotify is a musical app used by many people around the world. This application helps us live in life by enjoying the best musical experience. Spotify is downloaded by over a million people, and they all like the app a lot. The Spotify app always updates the new releases and old evergreen songs. You will be able to find most of your content in this app. The app provides you with two types of functioning. If you are okay with Spotify free, you can use the app by logging in, but interruptions will be between. If that is a problem, you can always select the Spotify premium account. You can easily listen to music without any problem using the premium account.

How To Export Spotify Playlist
How To Export Spotify Playlist

We all will have a playlist that we listen to often. We built up a playlist based on our taste in music. Most of the users give a considerable value to the playlist they hear. So they wish to export the playlist so that they will never get tired of them. They like to save their playlist and listen to them whenever you want to. O let us see how to export the Spotify playlist.

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How To Export Spotify Playlist – Excel CSV file format :

Step-1: The first and foremost step you want to follow is visiting the Soundiiz app web page. You can see it by just searching soundiiz on Google.

How to export Spotify playlists to Text Soundiiz app
How to export Spotify playlists to Text Soundiiz app

Step-2: You should create an account using e-mail, password, username and many more. Read the information correctly and fill in the details.

create an account using e-mail, password, username
create an account using e-mail, password, username

Step-3: On this web page, you will see a pane on the left of the page. Please select it, and from the options given, click on the Spotify app.

Please select it, and from the options given
Please select it, and from the options given

Step-4: Now your Spotify account will be opened, and it will contain all the details about your Spotify account. It will have all the albums you have listened to and your playlist.

Step-5: Now open the panel and select the playlist. In that, all your favorite songs will be displayed. In the playlist option on the left corner, you will see three dots. Click on these dots to export the playlist.

Step-6: A page will appear from the options given select to export a file option.

Step-7:  In that, you should select the CSV file format and click okay. Now a pop-up window will appear that choose the songs that you want.

Step-8: As the final step, click the conform option to download the Spotify playlist as a CSV file that contains information about your playlist.

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How To Export Spotify Playlist – Mp3 File Format:

Step-1: First, download the Note burner Spotify music converter app on your PC. You can download this app from any store you want or download their application by searching Google. After the download process, install the application.

Step:2: For starting the process, make sure the app is downloaded and installed. After the procedure, open the application.

Step-3: You should take the link to the playlist from the Spotify app. When the note burner Spotify music converter app is ready, you can copy and paste the playlist link.

Step-4: Now you should click on the gear icon that appeared on the right corner of the page. In that, you will find many options. It is the settings menu. There select the output of the song as mp3. In that option, you should also choose the quality of the music converted.

Step-5: After completing the setup of all the options, you should click the convert option given. If you want, you can recheck the steps one more time.

Step-6: After the playlist is converted into Mp3, you can find it on the PC. Now you can listen to it without music. You can send your playlist to others as your wish.


Music is a beautiful language that we use to express. All people around the world love the idea of listening to music. Many people keep their playlists. Spotify is a beautiful app that helps you to develop your playlist. The playlist defined as the list of songs that influence you. Many people like to keep their songs out of the app. So here we explained the steps you want to follow if you want to how to export spotify playlist. I hope the above content helped you in the way you expected.


Can we change the playlist that we have already saved in Spotify?

  • Yes, you can change them as your wish. Some songs will not influence you anymore, and in that case, you can delete them and replace it with another one.

Why do people like to export songs?

  • If you delete your account in the Spotify app, you will lose your playlist. So the users tend to export their playlist.

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