What To Do When Spotify Crashing Mac “21 New Ways To Fix It”

Spotify Crashing Mac: Nowadays, many people have assigned music as a basic fundamental factor for performing functions. Most people use music to do their workouts; many users use it while driving; many use it to solve work within no time. It has been stated that most of the work can be completed easily in a short period using music. Many music apps will help music lovers find their dream music within seconds in this well-developed tech world. Among the musical apps, Spotify is recognized as one of the best musical apps. In Spotify, the app provides us with many old and trending songs. The options are given specifically to easily select the songs you want to hear as per your taste for the music.

Spotify Crashing Mac
Spotify Crashing Mac

Since many users use Spotify, the app usually provides a well-functioning app. But when the app crashes and performs errors like not hearing, the song gets stuck while playing, and the home page is not changing, the users get annoyed and frustrated. So let us see why these errors are occurring and what to do about the matter.

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Why is Spotify Crashing Mac/Macbook/Macbook air:

Most people use Spotify on phones. This is mainly considered for convenience. But you can use the Spotify app on a computer too. But when you use it in Mac, sometimes there are more chances to get crashed. You should check into the cache in a Mac book for all the external and internal apps. You have to make sure to clean it on a specific time basis. This is done because it will avoid problems such as occupying more storage space, making the Mac run slowly, making other processes in Mac perform slowly.

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Spotify Crashing On Mac “22 New Ways To Fix It”- Step By Step Guide :

  • Just follow the below steps to clear the Spotify cache on Mac within no time.
  • You should quit the ‘spotify’ app in your Mac as the first step. It is a simple process. Go to app settings and leave the app.
  • After that, you should open the finder option.
  • In that, you will find some options. From that, click on the menu seen on the top.
  • In that, click the go option. There you will find a drop-down menu.
  • In the drop-down menu, select the folder option.
  • There you will find a typing space. In that type -/library/caches/.
library caches Spotify
library caches Spotify
  • Then click the enter option given. Now the message will be given to the hidden library folder.
  • In that library folder, you should find the com.Spotify.client folder.
  • In that, you will find a huge amount of components. You should clear all the details that you see.
  • Now you should go back to the library folder that you visited earlier.
  • In that, you should find the folder called the application support folder.
  • You will find many names of the application in the system. In that, click on the Spotify option.
  • In that, you will see a file called prefs.
  • You should click on it and open the file in text editor format.
  • In that, you will find a lot of text related to the app’s functioning.
  • Make sure to not delete any letter from the text that you see.
  • If you delete any, there is a chance of making more errors in the app.
  • You should scroll down the text carefully. In the end, you should enter a group of text.
  • You should enter storage.size=1024. Make sure to type it at the end and don’t make any changes in the text.
enter storage.size 1024 spotify
enter storage.size 1024 spotify
  • There will be no errors in the Mac from the Spotify app by typing this content.

This is how to fix id Spotify crash, Mac. All the processes are easy. Just make sure to follow it carefully.


Spotify is an amazing musical app most people use. These errors are most reported when they are used on computers. Mac is a device that is well known for its fast processing. If the system becomes slow due to Spotify, the device is in a problem. It is fine. If Spotify crash Mac you can fix it quickly; you should read the above details carefully and proceed. If any error occurs, make sure to correctly type the content given below. I hope the above content helped you in the way you expected.


Does this problem occur on windows computers?

  • Yes, Spotify errors are most commonly seen in computers in common.

Can we solve the problem by just reinstalling the app?

  • No, even if you reinstall the app, the cache of the preinstalled app will remain in the system, and this cache is causing the errors.

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