How To Fix Spotify Offline Problem (5 Ways)-2023

Spotify Offline Problem: Listening to songs is our favorite pastime. The songs are very supportive not only for entertainment but also to keep our minds excited and relaxed. There are many applications available for listening to such pieces on the go. The most popular application is Spotify, and it contains more than ten thousand songs in multiple languages. You need to search for your favorite songs to hear. 

How To Fix Spotify Offline Problem
How To Fix Spotify Offline Problem

This music streaming application has millions of users worldwide, and Spotify has lots of features to give an experience for its users. One of the common issues that most of the users of Spotify encounter is the Spotify Offline Problem. When you open Spotify on your device, it says you are offline even if you are connected to your device with mobile data or Wi-Fi. Below, we have given some solutions to fix this issue.

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How To Fix Spotify Offline Problem:

Fix 1: logout and re-login to Spotify Desktop/Web player/Mobile and Tablet:

  • Even if you do not know why Spotify says offline, you can try logging in to Spotify again first. Below are the procedures to log out and log in to Spotify on various devices.


  • On the desktop, Spotify app, click on the top right corner of the screen and select the ‘ Logout’ option. Once you have successfully logged out, you will need to enter your ID and password to log in again.

Web player:

  • If you use Spotify on a web player, you need to select the ‘ Logout’ option by clicking your profile at the bottom of the left side menu. Then, log in to it again by entering your Spotify ID and password.

Mobile and Tablet:

On the Spotify Mobile app, tap on home, go to ‘Your Library,’ and click on ‘Settings.’ Now, scroll down the screen to locate the ‘ Logout’ option and click on it. Once you are logged out, try to log in to Spotify again.

Fix 2: Check your network connection and Firewall.

Suppose the Spotify offline problem persists after you try to fix 1. In that case, you can resolve the issue by checking your network connection and Firewall because your Firewall may mistakenly think that Spotify could be a threat to your device. So it is better to check the Firewall on your computer. To do so, you have to follow the below-given steps.


Go to the ‘Change Settings’ option and then tick the box near Spotify. And finally, select the OK option. Check whether the Spotify Offline problem is resolved or not.

Mac OS:

  • Locate the ‘Firewall’ option on your Mac devices and click on it to open the Firewall.
  • You need to click the ‘ Lock’ icon on the firewall section, which appears at your screen’s bottom-left side corner.
  • Now, you may be asked to enter your administrator username and password if you have already set it up.
  • If it asks you, enter the correct username & password and then click on the ‘ Advanced’ section. The Advanced team on Firewall brings up a security dialog box.
  • Click the + icon below the ‘block all incoming connection.’ 
  • Click on Browse and select Spotify. After that, select ‘ Add.’ 

After completing these steps, you need to check if the Spotify Offline problem is resolved.

Fix 3: Check that the VPN is connected properly:

Spotify may not be available or blocked for your country or region, so you may need to access Spotify with a VPN. If you access Spotify using a VPN, you need to check that the VPN is connected properly to solve the Spotify Offline problem. To do so, try browsing certain limited web pages inaccessible without a VPN connection. If the VPN is incorrectly connected, you need to see what happened to your VPN.

Fix 4: Check whether you have turned off the offline mode on Spotify:

If the Spotify Offline problem persists, you need to ensure that you have turned off the offline mode. If you have enabled offline mode, you can only access the tracks you already marked as available in offline mode. But when you connect to Wi-Fi, Spotify may say that there is no internet connection. If you enable offline mode on Spotify, turn off the offline mode available under the Settings tab of the Spotify app to fix the Spotify Offline problem.

Fix 5: Uninstall and reinstall Spotify:

This is another easy solution to fix the Spotify Offline problem. ‌Removing the app and reinstalling it may be helpful to fix many of the issues you encounter. If you have a Spotify Offline problem, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify on your device. You can uninstall Spotify from Android devices, and iOS devices like you uninstall other apps and reinstall it again.

To uninstall Spotify on Mac OS, 

  • Click on Spotify on the menu bar and choose ‘Quit Spotify.
  • Open Finder and click Go> Library in the menu bar.
  • Go to Caches and locate com. Spotify.client folder. Once you find that folder, delete it and click on the back arrow.
  • Go to the application support and Spotify folder to delete that folder. Once Spotify is deleted or uninstalled from your Mac device, you can reinstall it again. 

To uninstall Spotify on Windows:

  • Go to the control panel and select the program and features option.
  • From the list, choose Spotify and then click on Uninstall.
  • Download the Spotify app again and check whether the Spotify Offline problem is resolved or not.

Final Words:

So, these are the fixes to solve the Spotify Offline Problem. However, the best solution to eliminate the Spotify Offline Problem is downloading all of your favorite songs from Spotify so that you can enjoy those tracks without any hassle, whether you have internet or not.

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