How To Fix Why Does “Spotify Keeps Stopping” After 10 Seconds? – 6 Best Ways

Why does Spotify keeps stopping After 10 seconds: You want your favorite tracks to run correctly and appropriately for the moment. Spotify has a lot of customized playlists for you, and it has over 70 million tracks and features artists ranging from the best lists to regional tunes. In this post, we will discuss one of the most common issues of Spotify, such as Why does Spotify keeps stopping at 10 seconds. Spotify users enjoy various features like unlimited songs, quick access, and ad-free music sessions with premium versions. 

spotify keeps stopping
Spotify keeps stopping

Spotify has implemented several additional features and rules that make it easier for users to use the app. In this post, we will discuss the common causes of why Spotify keeps stopping at 10 seconds and the solution to fix that issue. This error cannot be attributed solely to the application or your device. Instead, there are many reasons for the signal, the storage, the device you use, and so on. When Spotify pauses every ten seconds, your jam may be running at that time. There may be various reasons for this malfunction, so we have given the most effective solutions parallel to the cause.

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How To Fix Spotify keeps stopping After 10 seconds? – 6 Methods

Problem with your internet connection:

You need to check your internet connection first because a strong signal is essential for listening to songs online. Once you select the pieces in Spotify, the music will load and play in a few seconds. You will not face such problems when you download songs and listen to them offline. Since most users want to listen to songs online, it is essential to discuss solutions to their issues online. To adjust the signal strength to a sufficient frequency, you must set the router to the appropriate position. It is essential for almost all devices that use Wi-Fi.

Spotify Keeps Stopping due to Internet problem
Spotify Keeps Stopping due to Internet problem

It is considered crucial for almost all devices that use Wi-Fi. Switching to an optical fiber router would be a good choice, as it is faster than conventional ones, and it allows you to connect multiple devices and use them simultaneously. Once you have identified the connection requirements and made the necessary changes, check to see if the Spotify keeps stopping at 10 seconds problem persists.

Check your VPN connection:

You need to check your VPN connection to fix the problem where Spotify keeps stopping at 10 seconds. It is a significant cause of the problem, and many times users choose a VPN connection when using Spotify. As is the case, a VPN connection is not required for Spotify to work. But if there is a small problem or some drag on playing music, users assume it will be like that. So, users connect to the VPN to enjoy hassle-free music on Spotify.

VPN settings
VPN settings

While this process may seem like it will get better, it can bring some other problems. Spotify keeps stopping at 10 seconds as a result of using a VPN. Some applications that provide VPN services protect the user’s data and allow anonymous access to various servers. If you encounter Spotify stopping at 10 seconds, try replacing the VPN service you usually use or disconnecting the VPN.

Restart your device:

Simply restarting your device will solve many issues, fixing any drag and removing any power or data residue from your device.

Restart the device
Restart the device

Once you have restarted your device, re-launch Spotify and check whether the Spotify keeps stopping at 10 seconds problem is solved or not. 

Logout and re-login to Spotify:

Spotify keeps stopping at 10 seconds problem may be solved by simply logout and re-login to Spotify. If the problem is a trouble at the beginning of the app, this is the best solution you can do next. To do so, open Spotify and go to Settings.

Login Spotify
Login Spotify

Please scroll down the screen to locate the Logout option and click on it. Once you have logged out successfully, remove the Spotify app from your cache memory. Reopen Spotify again and log in to it again using Username/email ID and Password. Try to play any song to check if the Spotify keeps stopping at 10 seconds problem is resolved.

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Uninstall and reinstall Spotify:

Many users have used this method to fix any issues related to the application. To remove such glitches as Spotify keeps stopping at ten seconds, uninstall and reinstall the app.

Install or reinstall spotify
Install or reinstall Spotify

In addition, this method will provide you with the latest version of the application and implement the latest improvements made to it.

Delete Cache Files:

When there is a large amount of unused data that overload the storage space, something goes wrong. Allocated space may become overloaded if problems occur with a frequent music pause. You can deal with this if you destroy the cache of the Spotify app.

Concluding Words:

Here are some quick fixes you can try to fix your Spotify app. We hope this article has provided you with the perfect solution to the problem Spotify keeps stopping at 10 seconds. So, Carefully, follow the instructions and enjoy hassle-free music streaming on Spotify. 


1. Why does Spotify keeps crashing 2022?

Ans: Spotify sometimes crashes because of insufficient storage or low storage. So, check your storage and clear unwanted files.

2. Why Spotify is so glitchy?

Ans: You will face usage problems if some data in the cache file will become corrupted. So, clear cache files frequently.

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