What Does the “E” Mean in Spotify?(Explicit Content)

Have you ever pondered the “E” in a Spotify user profile? It’s everywhere from playlists to recommendations. This article will uncover the mystery of the letter and its importance to a personalized listening experience. Let’s discover the hidden meaning behind Spotify’s mysterious “E“.

What Does the “E” Mean in Spotify?

The “E” in Spotify stands for explicit content. This label is used to identify tracks with offensive language, references, or graphic content. Keep in mind that these songs may contain profanity. It also serves as a tool for parental control. Because of FCC regulations, many radio stations won’t play songs with this label.

The e mean in spotify
The e mean in spotify

In certain countries, the mark is classified differently, and Spotify will apply different age restrictions based on the laws of that country. In Sweden and Finland, there is an “L” rating instead of an “E”.

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How to Filter Out Explicit Songs on Spotify:

You may have seen the letter ‘E’ in some song titles on Spotify. It stands for explicit content. This means the song has language or references which may only be suitable for some audiences.

  1. The American music rating system marks songs as explicit so that users can filter out such content.
  2. You can use the explicit filter setting in the Parental Controls tab of the Spotify app.
  3. Log in to your account, select Settings > Parental Controls, and switch the Explicit Filter to ON.
  4. All explicit songs will be hidden when you search, even if they have an ‘E’.
  5. You can switch the filter off afterward if needed.

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How Does Spotify Work:

Spotify is an online music streaming service with millions of songs, podcasts, and videos. Create an account and enter payment details to start streaming. But first, understand how Spotify works!

They assign each song a unique “E” code – the ETID (electronic tagging identification). When you stream or add a track to a playlist, Spotify registers its ETID and adds it to your profile.

This tracking system helps Spotify measure engagement with artists’ music. It credits streams and reposts back to the artist in real-time. Music fans get personalized recommendations, while artists gain insight into where new fans come from. Plus, accurate streaming data helps measure concert attendance numbers on tour.

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How to remove songs with coarse lyrics on Spotify:

Spotify is an international music streaming service with over 35 million songs. To offer a more family-friendly experience, they created the ‘E’ age rating. Songs with this label have “expressions of hate, violence or explicit sexual content”.

If you’re a parent looking to filter out these coarse lyrics, you can remove songs rated ‘E’. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your device or computer.
  2. Click on Your Library from the top menu and select Artist Playlist or a Playlist containing the songs.
  3. Click on Filters and choose Content Ratings from the dropdown list.
  4. Uncheck “No explicit content” at the bottom of the page beside “Content rating age in years”, so only ‘E’-rated songs are filtered out.
  5. Press APPLY, then click OKAY to save. You’ve successfully removed all ‘E-rated songs!

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How to turn off explicit on Spotify:

The ‘E’ beside a song title on Spotify means it has explicit content. If you want to skip songs with clear language or adult themes, you can turn off explicit content on Spotify.

  1. Go to the desktop app, click on the Gear Icon (Settings), and then select “Playback”.
  2. Uncheck Explicit Content.
  3. For parental control, go to Settings -> Playback -> Parental Control.
  4. Enable Family in Settings -> Family.
  5. Customize which features are accessible and set limits on playback.


The letter “E” in Spotify symbolizes a musician’s amplified visibility to a broader audience. By allowing streaming services, such as Spotify, to use their music, artists can expand their chances of success by reaching out to new listeners. Furthermore, Spotify provides a personalizable set of marketing tools that can be tailored to any musician’s objectives. By understanding the “E” in Spotify, musicians can exploit these services and reap the advantages of digital media.


What does the “E” mean in Spotify?

The “E” in Spotify stands for “Exclusive” and indicates that a song or album is only available to stream on Spotify.

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