How to Get & Use Spotify Mini Player on Windows/MAC

Spotify Mini Player: Are you tired of switching between windows to control your Spotify? Look no further! This article will show you how to get and use the Spotify Mini Player on your Windows or MAC. This nifty tool allows you to manage your music without interrupting your work or browsing. We’ll guide you through downloading, installing, and customizing the Mini Player and share some handy tips and tricks.

What is Spotify Mini-Player?

Spotify Mini Player refers to a simplified and more compact version of the standard Spotify application or interface. It allows users to control music playback, views the current track, and see album art, all while taking up a smaller portion of the screen. Such interfaces are designed for users who want to continue listening to music without the Spotify app occupying a significant amount of their display, especially while working on other tasks.

Does Spotify Have Mini Player?

Unfortunately, Spotify does not have a built-in mini player for the desktop app. However, a few ways exist to get a mini player on Spotify for desktop. One way is to use the Spotify web player. The Spotify web player has a mini player that you can use to control your music playback while using other websites. Another way to get a mini player on Spotify for a desktop is to use a third-party extension. Several extensions are available that add a player to the Spotify desktop app. Here are some of the third-party extensions that you can use to get a mini player on Spotify for desktop:

  • DRmare Music Converter
  • Spopupfy
  • Spotify Player 
  • GitHub
  • Gadgethacks

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How to Get Spotify Mini-Player on Windows?

If you want to use a Spotify Mini Player on Windows, there isn’t an official “Mini Player” mode as of my last update in 2021. However, you can still achieve a mini-player-like experience using several methods. Here’s how you can do it:

Native Windows Option:

  1. Taskbar Playback Controls:
    • Open Spotify and start playing any song.
    • Minimize the Spotify application.
    • Hover over the Spotify icon on your taskbar. A mini preview will show the currently playing song and basic playback controls (Play/Pause, Previous, Next).
  1. System Tray Control:
    • When minimized, Spotify often appears as an icon in the system tray (the small icons near your system clock). Right-clicking this icon can provide some control options, depending on your Spotify settings.

Web Player Method:

  • Open Spotify Web Player in your favorite browser.
  • Play a song and adjust the browser window’s size to create your desired mini-player size.

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  • This approach is more manual but allows you to have a small Spotify window while you work on other tasks.

Third-Party Solutions:

  1. Toastify: This tool adds global hotkeys and desktop notifications to Spotify, allowing you to control the playback without opening the entire Spotify window.
  2. Spotimo: Spotimo is another third-party client for Spotify that might offer a more compact view, although its main attraction is the integration with the modern UWP design of Windows.

When choosing third-party solutions, it’s always crucial to ensure you’re downloading software from reputable sources to maintain the security and integrity of your system.

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How to Get Spotify Mini Player on MAC?

Spotify doesn’t officially provide a standalone “Mini Player” feature for its Mac application. However, Mac users have developed several workarounds and solutions to achieve a mini-player-like experience when using Spotify. Here are some methods:

Spotify Web Player:

  • Open Spotify Web Player in your preferred browser.
  • Resize the browser window manually to achieve a mini-player size. It’s a more manual method but allows for flexibility in the size and appearance of the mini-player.

Third-Party Applications:

There are several third-party applications and tools designed specifically for Mac that can offer a more enhanced experience for Spotify:

  • SpotMenu: It’s a macOS app that places Spotify and iTunes in the Mac menu bar, offering basic playback controls and track details.
  • Shpotify: A simple Mac app that provides a set of AppleScript commands for controlling Spotify. It also offers global hotkeys to control playback without switching to the Spotify app.
  • BeardedSpice: It’s a Mac menu bar application that allows you to control web-based media players (like the Spotify Web Player) and some native apps with the media keys found on Mac keyboards.

When opting for third-party solutions, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re downloading software from reputable sources to maintain the security of your system.

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Tips and Tricks for Using Mini-Player:

While Spotify doesn’t have an official “Mini Player” feature. If you’re using one of these workarounds or third-party tools to enjoy a mini-player experience, here are some tips and tricks to enhance your usage:

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Familiarize yourself with Spotify’s keyboard shortcuts for quick playback control. Play/Pause: Spacebar, Next Track: Ctrl + Right Arrow, Previous Track: Ctrl + Left Arrow, Volume Up/Down: Ctrl + Up/Down Arrow
  • Third-Party Tools Integration: If you’re using third-party tools, many offer integration with media keys on your keyboard or custom hotkey setups. This allows you to quickly control playback without focusing on the mini-player.
  • Customize Appearance: Some third-party player tools offer customization options for appearance.
  • Stay Updated: Updating your Spotify application and any third-party player tools ensures optimal performance, bug fixes, and potential new features.
  • Focus on Playlists: It typically provide limited browsing capabilities. Before minimizing to a mini-player view, set up a playlist or queue in the main Spotify app. 
  • Mobile Device Integration: Use Spotify Connect to control playback on your computer using your mobile device. 
  • Extensions and Plugins: Some browser extensions can enhance the Web Player experience, allowing for more features or a better player interface.


Finally, now you can learned how to use Spotify Mini-Player on Windows and MAC. You’ve also learned to navigate its interface and customize its settings according to your preferences. With these tips and tricks, you can use the Spotify Mini Player effectively and enhance your music listening experience. So go ahead and give it a try, enjoy your favorite tunes in a compact and convenient way!


1. Can Spotify Mini Player Be Used on Mobile Devices?

  • Yes, you can use the Spotify Mini Player on mobile devices. It allows you to control your music playback while using other apps on your phone.

2. Is Spotify Mini Player Available for Free, or Do I Need a Premium Subscription?

  • No, You’ll need a premium subscription to use the Spotify Mini Player.

3. Can I Use Spotify Player With Other Music Streaming Services?

  • Yes, you can use Spotify Player with other music streaming services.

4. Does Spotify Mini Player Consume a Lot of System Resources?

  • Yes, the Spotify Mini Player does consume a lot of system resources. Running smoothly on your Windows or MAC device requires a good amount of RAM and processing power.

5. Can I Use Spotify Player Without an Internet Connection?

  • No, you can’t use Spotify Player without an internet connection. It requires an active internet connection to stream and play music.

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