How To Pay Spotify Premium Using GCash? 2023 New Method

Pay Spotify Premium Using GCash: With the launch of Spotify Premium, the world’s most popular streaming music service, millions of people will now have access to the music they love. To make it as easy as possible for people to sign up, Spotify has partnered with GCash. GCash is a unique solution that lets you spend cash online like never before. Unlike any other virtual payment method, GCash can be used from any mobile device (phone or tablet), anywhere at any time. It is simple, easy, and secure.

Pay Spotify Premium using GCash
Pay Spotify Premium using GCash

Here’s how you can make your first purchase with GCash. This article will teach you How to Pay Spotify Premium using GCash. If you’re looking to pay for Spotify other music services without a credit card, this is one of the best ways to start.


How to Pay Spotify Premium Using GCash?

Spotify offers users a way to pay for their subscription through different methods, including credit card, bank transfer, and GCash, an application developed by the GESO Group and currently available in the Philippines. Here, we will see how to pay Spotify premium using GCash with step by step procedure,

  • First, download the Spotify app from Google Playstore and Select the Premium option to upgrade
  • Lots of Spotify Premium plans are available there. So, choose the “Spotify Premium” plan which suits to you
  • Now, Go to the Payment option and select the “Pay with GCash and PayMaya” option to continue
Pay Spotify using GCash
Pay Spotify using GCash
  • In that list, choose the GCash option.
  • Once again, review your payment details. For example, whether the debit card or credit card details you have given in GCash are correct or not.
  • Then Click Start Spotify Premium and Proceed with Payment
  • The GCash payment option will get opened, so enter your GCash number and Click Next
  • Now, Enter 4-digit MPIN and press Next to continue
  • Now, Click the box that says, I have accepted the Terms and Conditions and Click “OK.
  • Your GCash payment is successful. Enjoy Spotify Premium after you receive the confirmation message. That’s it. Now, you can pay Spotify premium using GCash and enjoy streaming.

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Can I pay Spotify through PayMaya?

Spotify uses PayMaya, which is a marketplace for alternative payment methods. These alternatives can include virtual currency or alternative forms of payment. PayMaya is not a bank; it does not take deposits or give out loans. It does not even keep any customer funds. The company acts as a middleman. When a customer makes a payment through PayMaya, the money is deposited into a digital account in a third party’s name. The recipient of that money then transfers it to the service provider that issued the money.


In conclusion, GCash is an online service that allows users to shop online and pay using their GCash. The best part is that the money is transferred directly to your online wallet, so you can spend it in any of the merchants that support the platform. I hope the article about how to pay Spotify premium using GCash is beneficial. There are lots of payment alternatives available to Pay Spotify Premium. If you have any more queries regarding Spotify Premium, please ask us. Thank you!


1. Can you pay Spotify by direct debit?

You can’t. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be trying. Spotify’s been trying to make its service more affordable for UK customers for a long time, and it’s finally started to pay off. Last month, Spotify launched a trial service called Spotify Direct Debit that allows people to set up a direct debit plan to top up their accounts automatically.

2. Why is Spotify not accepting my gift card?

If you’ve been trying to give Spotify a go for months and have been met with a “gift card not accepted” error message, there’s a good chance that your credit card has expired. The company says this is why you can’t buy songs or other services on its platform.

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