How To Change E-mail on Spotify 2023? – Best Method

How to Change E-mail on Spotify: Spotify is considered one of the best musical apps. Most of us spend a considerable amount of time in the field of music. Many people listen to music on different occasions. Many listen to music when driving, walking, on a bus trip, even when they sleep. Spotify Music is considered to be a medicine for many health issues nowadays. Spotify is used by most people nowadays due to the app’s new updates to us.

How to change E-mail on spotify
How to change E-mail on spotify

All the new tracks will be assembled in the Spotify app. The internet consumption of this app is low, so it is straightforward to be used. You can develop a playlist for yourself and listen to it whenever you want. After setting up your playlist, you can easily share your playlist with anyone you like. So they will also get a chance to experience an excellent playlist. No, let us see how to change the E-mail on Spotify easily.

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Steps to Change E-mail on Spotify:

With simple steps, we can easily change the Spotify apps E-mail address. If you want to change E-mail on Spotify, carefully follow the below steps,

  • It is straightforward to change E-mail on Spotify account. Email-id is considered as a detail to log in to the report.
  • So if you want to change E-mail on spotify, make sure to keep it clear and remember it. Because if you want to log in, you need this information.
  • You should first log in to your Spotify account to change E-mail on spotify.
Sign in Spotify to change E-mail on spotify
Sign in Spotify to change E-mail on spotify
  • If you are using it on your smartphone, you can quickly get into the account by opening the app. You will be already logged in to the report.
  • If you are using it on a PC, you can also install the app. Or you can visit the Spotify website.
Open spotify wesbite to change e-mail
Open spotify wesbite to change e-mail
  • To enter the Spotify website, you can quickly join the web address in any search engine.
  • Now you should open the link that you get after the searching option.
  • Now you will see the welcome page of Spotify as given. In the Spotify app, you should assess the options in the account.
  • First of all, you should log in to your account. For that, you should have your email id, username, and password. 
Login with e-mail id on spotify
Login with e-mail id on spotify
  • Make sure that you enter the details correctly.
  • After the login process, you will see your profile. In that, you can see all your playlist and all the artists that you have preferred.
Edit Profile to Change E-mail on spotify
Edit Profile to Change E-mail on spotify
  • Now go to the edit profile option. There you will find all the existing details that you have already entered.
  • In that, you will find an option called Email. Enter your new email id and click the ok button in that option.
  • Now, the process to change E-mail on spotify done successfully.

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Features of Spotify:

1. Crossfade and Transition:

You don’t want any interruptions during listening to the music. You can make some differences in the settings. In your Spotify app, go to the preferred option. In that option, go down to the playback option right there. You will see an option called ‘allow smooth transitions between songs’ click on that option. When you look deeply, you can see that the artist of the songs has already assembled the pieces in a form that the music flows and joins to the next song.

2. Streaming and Downloading quality:

The app helps you with the audio quality that you get. The songs that you get are of better quality than ever. You can get a better version of the song by just taking the premium account. It is straightforward to handle.

3. Normalize Audio:

The Spotify app will present a consistent output that you can easily manage. In your app, the app will adjust the audio according to the song’s form, which is a beneficial feature.


Finally, you get an clear idea about how to change E-mail on Spotify with a new e-mail id. All the steps given above are clear and precise. So you will not find any error in the processing. I hope the above content helped you in the way you expected it.


1. Is Email important in the Spotify app?

Ans: Yes, Email is considered very important in the Spotify app, and Email is used for logging in to the account all the time. The information about all updates sent to the Email, and all the Spotify app’s new offers will be updated through Spotify.

2. What information do you need to log in to a Spotify account?

Ans: You should have the email id that you entered in your profile before.

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