How To Connect Spotify Chromecast Audio New Update

Are you having difficulty utilizing your Spotify and Chromecast AudioAudio arrangement? This guide will teach you how to connect them for an effortless streaming experience quickly. Unlock a new realm of music! Ready to boost your audio quality? Want to customize streaming settings? Control music playback from any location? Uncover the potential of Spotify and Chromecast Audio now!

What is Chromecast:

Chromecast Audio is a streaming device from Google. It connects to speakers via a 3.5 mm AudioAudio jack or optical adapter: stream music, podcasts, and more from multiple apps with Chromecast Built-in. Control the AudioAudio from your mobile, tablet, or computer with the same wifi network.

Fill a room with sound from Spotify with Chromecast Audio. Perfect for parties or simply having your favorite tunes on in the background. With the step-by-step setup process and powered devices, you can control what’s playing on Spotify with the Spotify app, Google Home app, or Chrome browser. No need to interrupt any other devices in your home!

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How To Connect Spotify Chromecast Audio:

Set up Spotify on your Chromecast Audio easily! follow these steps:

  • Plug your Chromecast Audio into your audio input device. If it’s optically input, use the connector included in the package.
  • Download the Google Home app to your phone/tablet and follow the setup instructions.
  • On Spotify, log in and select a song.
  • Look for the Chromecast icon at the bottom right corner of your screen or the top right corner (depending on your Spotify version). Tap on it and select “Chromecast Audio” as output.
  • Adjust the volume and other settings through the “Proximity & Sound Profile” inside the Google Home App.
  • Adjust the equalizer settings in the Google Home App’s Speaker Settings under Devices if there is distortion during playback.

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Chromecast Spotify From Your Smartphone:

To play your favorite music on Chromecast Audio, use Spotify! Set it up, then follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest Spotify app & log in.
  2. Select Chromecast Audio on the Devices list & pick the music/playlist to stream.
  3. Tap ‘play’ and control playback from your phone or connected device.
  4. Adjust the volume of Chromecast Audio with any connected device. No remote is needed!
  5. To pause, press ‘pause’ in the music player app on your smartphone or another device. Playback will resume where it left off.

Cast Spotify Music From Your Browser:

Here’s a guide if you have a Chromecast Audio device and want to use it with Spotify.

  1. First, check that your Chromecast Audio appears on the list of devices on your computer or phone.
  2. Then, open your internet browser and go to Spotify’s website. Log in or sign up if necessary.
  3. Click the “Cast” icon in the top right corner of the main page.
  4. You’ll see a list of devices with a green ‍Play‍ button beside each.
  5. Select your Chromecast Audio device by clicking its name.
  6. Now, choose what type of music you want to play from the top: Playlists, Artists, Albums or Podcasts. Or search for specific songs or artists.
  7. When you’ve chosen a song or playlist, click the green ‍Play‍ button.
  8. Please wait for it to stream from your connected Chromecast Audio device. Enjoy listening to music from Spotify through any compatible speaker system!

Spotify can’t connect to Chromecast Audio:

Sadly, Spotify hasn’t made an app for Chromecast Audio yet. But you can still stream AudioAudio from Spotify to Chromecast Audio using other methods.

To do this:

  1. Open the Chrome browser on your Chromebook laptop.
  2. Make sure your laptop and Chromecast Audio are on the same wifi network.
  3. Enter “chrome://cast” in Chrome’s address bar or open the Google Cast extension.
  4. Click “Select source” at the top of the window.
  5. Select Spotify from the installed apps list to play songs on your speaker.

Android-enabled TVs also allow streaming from apps like Spotify. Refer to your TV’s user manual for instructions.

Alternative Way to Cast Spotify to Chromecast:

It is seeking an alternative way to cast Spotify to Chromecast Audio. You are in the right place! Although Bluetooth is an option for Chromecast Audio, extra steps are needed. It’s not as easy as wifi but set up, and it will work perfectly.

Bluetooth is great for devices without Wi-Fi, like older speakers, phones, tablets, and laptops. Here’s how to cast with Bluetooth to your Chromecast Audio:

  1. Activate Bluetooth on your device and look for nearby audio devices.
  2. Ensure the Chromecast Audio is plugged in and shows a white LED light.
  3. Select “Chromecast Audio” in your device’s list of audio sources or outputs.
  4. Launch Spotify and start playback.
  5. Enjoy streaming music through your Chromecast Audio!


Spotify and Chromecast Audio make streaming music effortless! Just a few steps, and you’re set synced. Multiple users in different places can enjoy AudioAudio with a robust and reliable connection. If you need to switch devices, no problem – it’s easy to do so. This combination of Spotify and Chromecast Audio creates an exceptional music experience!


How do I connect Spotify with Chromecast Audio?

  • You can connect Spotify to Chromecast Audio using the Google Home app. To do this, open the Google Home app, select ‘Add’, and then select ‘Set up device’. Select ‘Have something already set up’ and then ‘Chromecast Audio.’ Follow the on-screen instructions to finish setting up the connection.

How do I play music from Spotify on Chromecast Audio?

  • Once Spotify and Chromecast Audio are connected, you can play music from Spotify on Chromecast Audio using the Google Home app.
  • Open the Google Home app and select ‘Devices’ to view your connected devices. Select the Chromecast Audio device from which you want to play music, then select ‘Spotify’ as the source.

How do I control the music from Spotify on Chromecast Audio?

  • Using the Google Home app, you can control the music playing from Spotify on Chromecast Audio. Open the Google Home app and select ‘Devices’ to view your connected devices. Select the Chromecast Audio device you want to control and then use the on-screen controls to play, pause, skip, and adjust the volume.

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