How To Make Spotify Blend Link “Friends and Family”

Struggling with your Spotify mix? No need to be a tech whiz! We have a guide to help you quickly create a Spotify Blend Link. Make your music passions come alive! Share your favourite tunes with the world! Follow our steps, and you’ll be good to go.

Why Would You Want to Use Spotify Blend Link:

Spotify Blend Link is a great way to share music in a personalized way with your friends. It allows you to create playlists that mix two or more artists. This gives you control over the mood of the music you’re sharing.

By combining specific tracks, you can make soundtracks that fit the occasion. By mix-and-matching popular and obscure artists, you can make a unique listening experience for any situation. Hosting an intimate gathering? Low-key and pleasant songs will help set the perfect mood.

Custom playlists also let individuals put their spin on genres. Mixing classic throwback tunes with modern hits adds surprise and excitement. This lets users control how they want to hear their favourite tracks. Keeping music evergreen by giving fans room to explore variations on classics.

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How To Make Spotify Blend Link:

Spotify Blends are ideal for connecting with others over music and discovering new tunes! Create a link to launch a collaborative playlist with pals. Here’s how:

How To Make Spotify Blend Link
How To Make Spotify Blend Link
  • Log into your Spotify account from both desktop and mobile apps.
  • Search for artists, playlists, or songs you want to include.
  • Make a collaborative playlist & add tracks by selecting the next to each track & choosing “add to playlist.”
  • Select ‘share’ on the top right of your playlist.
  • On the dialogue box, enter your friends’ names or email addresses so they can receive an invitation to join.
  • Hit ‘create blend link’ at the bottom right.
  • Copy & paste the link in messages so others can listen to you.

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How to Send Spotify Bend Link Friends and Family:

Create a Spotify Blend link to share music with friends! This URL will give them a chance to build a mix. Here’s how:

Step 1: Choose songs, albums, or playlists from your library.
Step 2: Go to and sign in.
Step 3: Click ‘Create New Playlist’ and make it public or private.
Step 4: Name the playlist and add details (optional).
Step 5: Select up to five songs as seeds.
Step 6: Click ‘Post To Feed’.
Step 7: Share the link. It will stay active for seven days.

You can collaborate with friends to curate tunes – even if they’re far away!

How To Find Spotify Blend Link:

Spotify Blend Link is a great way to discover new music. Create your blended link with two of your favourite artists in clicks! Here’s how:

  1. Select and open the artist page for each artist.
  2. Click “Get Music” on the individual artist pages.
  3. See the tracks listed side-by-side.
  4. When happy, click “Make Blended Link”.
  5. Assign an appropriate name.
  6. Get a unique URL for your blended page.
  7. Share with friends and followers for easy listening!

Spotify Blend Feature:

Spotify’s Blend feature enables users to mix two or more of their playlists, radio stations and song selections. When the Blend button is pressed, a new playlist can be saved and shared.

To use the Blend feature, open the Spotify application, go to “Your Library”, and select the mixes tab at the top-right of the page. Then, choose “Create a Blend” from the bottom left corner.

The user will be shown multiple prompts:

  • Choose from your favourite playlists or artists
  • Make an entirely new blend
  • Check out official premade playlists based on Moods & Activities
  • Plus more options

After picking an option, give the blended playlist a name and press “okay”. The process is done when “create” is pressed.

Share the blend with friends and family. Press the share icon at the top right corner. Share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., or send via Text or email.

Does Spotify Blend Update:

Spotify Blend is a special feature that creates mixes of tracks from your playlists. It stops you from repeating the same songs over and over.

You choose one of your existing playlists, and Spotify mixes all the songs. This adds them to a bigger playlist. The benefit is that music fans can stream more of one artist but in the same style and genre.

Spotify Blend doesn’t update automatically. You must create a mix and add it to your queue. When it’s done playing, you can go back and edit it. Swap out songs or artists with similar styles or vibes. Delete tracks that don’t fit your mood. Make sure all your fav tunes are there as much as possible!


Do you know how to make a Spotify Blend Link? Fantastic! Link multiple artists together into one playlist quickly and easily. Create a mix for a party or explore new music. This tool is free and easy to use. Get creative with your blends. Discover the massive Spotify catalogue of music. Enjoy!


What is a Spotify Blend Link?

  • A Spotify Blend Link is a music link that allows you to blend two different artists and styles of music in one playlist.

How do I make a Spotify Blend Link?

  • To make a Spotify Blend Link, open the Spotify app, go to the “Your Library” tab, and then select the “Blend” option. From there, you can choose two artists or genres of music to blend into one playlist.

Is there a limit to how many artists I can blend?

  • No, there is no limit to how many artists or genres you can blend into one playlist.

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