Why is Garth Brooks not on Spotify? 2023

Do you adore Garth Brooks? Why isn’t his music on Spotify? He is one of the world’s most successful artists, selling 170 million records! But he’s not streaming. In this article, we’ll uncover the secret. Keep reading to find out why!

What is Garth Brooks:

Garth Brooks is a legendary American country music star known for his heartfelt lyrics, enjoyable performances, and distinct style.

However, fans may note his music is not on Spotify. The rationale is he has a long-term deal with Amazon Music through his music streaming service, Amazon Music Unlimited. Therefore, he only releases his music on this platform and his digital music store, “The Garth Brooks Store.”

Though Spotify users may be upset they can’t access his music, his huge catalogue can still be enjoyed on other music streaming services and his special channels.

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How Does Garth Brooks Feel About Spotify?

Garth Brooks has been a vocal critic of Spotify’s business model. He argues that artists are not paid fairly and that streaming services must improve. As a result, he has removed his music from the platform, becoming one of the few major artists not available on Spotify.

Streaming services pay artists fractions of a penny per stream. This is not enough to sustain musicians. Thus, streaming services must find a way to pay artists more.

Though this decision has angered some fans, it has sparked debate about digital music distribution, artist compensation, and the value of music in modern times.

Garth Brooks Start His Streaming Service?

Garth Brooks, a renowned country singer, doesn’t use Spotify or other streaming services. He desires full control over how his music is circulated and compensated. To achieve this, Garth Brooks initiated “GhostTunes” in 2014. You can’t locate his music on Spotify, Pandora, or Apple Music until they host his platform.

In July 2020, it was announced that Garth Brooks had made a deal with Amazon Music. The multi-year agreement guaranteed that all of Brooks’ 16 albums, two Christmas albums, and singles are now available on Amazon Music.

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Why is Garth Brooks not on Spotify:

Garth Brooks’ music is not on Spotify. Licensing and royalty fees are a disagreement. Other country music artists have their whole catalogs on the streaming platform, but Garth Brooks is against it.

In 2014, GhostTunes, a digital music service, was his creation. Fans could purchase and download his music from it. However, it closed in 2017, and Garth’s music isn’t on major streaming services.

Brooks has worried about the low royalties streaming services pay artists. He wants his music only for sale through his channels and for full albums to be downloadable, not just individual songs.

So, Garth Brooks decided not to publish his music on Spotify because of artistic control and economic gains.

Why Is Garth Brooks Not On Apple Music:

Garth Brooks isn’t on Apple Music or Spotify for a few reasons:

  1. He’s spoken out against streaming services.
  2. He has an exclusive deal with Amazon Music.
  3. His former label owns the rights to his older songs, and there might be conflicts over royalties and licensing.
  4. He might hope to create a unique experience for his fans by keeping his music on Amazon.

It cannot be very pleasant for Apple Music and Spotify users, but Brooks shows how important it is for artists to have a choice in the streaming era.

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How To Listen To Garth Brooks On Spotify:

Garth Brooks is an iconic country music star, but he’s not on Spotify. Yet, you can still listen to his music there.

“The Dance” is on an album called “The Longest Night in the World.” You can also find some of his songs on YouTube, Amazon, and Apple Music.

Garth isn’t on Spotify because he doesn’t agree with the platform’s business model. He thinks services don’t value albums, just individual songs. That’s why he’s kept his music off the platform.

But maybe Garth will join Spotify one day. Until then, his music is extra special.


Garth Brooks is not on Spotify. He objects to the platform’s payment system for artists. He believes streaming services don’t pay enough. So, he wants to sell physical albums which make more money. Furthermore, he wants to give a full album experience, not just songs. So, if you want to listen to Garth Brooks, buy the albums or stream from a different platform. His decision affects accessibility and convenience, especially for young listeners. But it allows him to keep control over his music and income.


Why isn’t Garth Brooks on Spotify?

  • Garth Brooks has been vocal about his preference for selling physical copies of his music rather than streaming it online. He believes that by doing so, he can maintain more control over the distribution of his music and offer a better overall experience for his fans.

Will Garth Brooks ever be available on Spotify?

  • There is no word on whether or not Garth Brooks will ever make his music available on Spotify. However, in recent years he has made some of his music available on other streaming platforms, such as Amazon Music.

Will I be able to listen to Garth Brooks on Spotify in the future?

  • Whether Garth Brooks will ever make his music available on Spotify is unclear. However, it is worth noting that artists’ opinions on streaming services can change over time, and they may eventually change their minds.

Is Garth Brooks the only artist not on Spotify?

  • No, other artists have chosen not to make their music available on streaming services, such as Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Adele.

Can you legally listen to Garth Brooks’ music online?

  • As mentioned, you can legally stream Garth Brooks’ music on platforms such as Amazon Music, Google Play, and Apple Music. You can also purchase physical copies of his music online or in stores.

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